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We have been baking the fruit cakes for ten years now and mastered the Yorkshire Parkin back in 2012. The parkin was inspired by my Father-in-law's quest to buy traditional Homemade Yorkshire Parkin that was as oaty and moist as his mother used to bake. We have successfully used her recipe (dating back to the early 1900's) to create a firm favourite!
Annette started the business back in 2012, but now Paul has taken over baking responsibilities and has added a range of chocolate products that are gaining popularity.

Latest News

We are exhibiting at some new events this year, the first being the Congleton Food and Drink Festival on Sunday 12th June. This is a one day event that attracts a large audience. Paul has now extended his range of chocolate bars with lots of new flavours, including a dark Earl Grey and a milk and white Cappuccino bar.
Gift boxes are being requested by many people for a variety of occasions and make a perfect present or just to say “Thank You”.
We are just opening our Etsy shop, which you can visit here.

Where it's made:

The aga
Our kitchen where we started 'Cakes Direct...from The Lodge' in October 2012 with the support and encouragement of friends, colleagues and every member of our family.

The aga

Smith House Lodge is part of the Smith House estate with some buildings dating back to the 1400's! Situated in Lightcliffe near Halifax, the Lodge has been our family home for 15 years.

Events in 2022:

Congleton Food and Drink Festival

12th June 10.30 - 4.30

Find out more here.

Living North Christmas Fair North East

27th - 30th October 2022, Newcastle Racecourse

Find out more here.

Living North Christmas Fair Yorkshire

10th - 13th November 2022, York Racecourse

Find out more here.

Country Living Christmas Fair Harrogate

1st - 4th December 2022

Find out more here.

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